Spending Time With God: Quality vs. Quantity

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Time-management seems to be something that a lot of people struggle with. I know I personally do. I always seem to be late for everything. Whoever I’m meeting for dinner seems to already be drinking a cocktail and ready to order by the time I show up, I’m always apologizing for being late to appointments, and don’t even get me started about how much I rush to get to work on time. Long story short, I suck at time-management, or at least I used to.

My lack time-management skills definitely didn’t help my attempt to do activities outside of work and my social life. I used to be one of those people who will skip the gym and dine out instead of cook because I simply ‘don’t have enough time in the day’. Even my relationship with God was beginning to suffer. I wasn’t reading my Bible, praying, or attending church as much as I wanted to. Instead, I was skipping those activities because I ‘didn’t have enough time in the day’.

One day I was scrolling through Pinterest when I came across a motivational post. Basically, the post refuted my excuse that I ‘didn’t have enough time in the day’. Everyone is given 24 hours per day, and they can choose to do what they want with those 24 hours. If you want to sit at home all day and binge Netflix, go for it! If you want to balance work, social life, health, and other things in one day, that’s great too. Not having enough time in the day is an excuse, and a poor one. Time isn’t the issue, it’s your desire, or lack of desire, to do something that is.

That brings be to the age old question of quality vs. quantity. If a wanted to keep my old time-management habits, I could go the quality route and say that it doesn’t matter how much time I spend with God, as long as it’s worth it. So, I could go about my day, and quickly pray for one minute before I settled down for the night as long as my prayer meant something. On the other hand, I could utilize the new time-management revelation from Pinterest and actually make time for God. I could vow to go to church every Sunday, and even once during the week. I could start reading my Bible again on a routine basis, and I could make sure my pray more often.

Choosing between the two options was difficult. I came to the conclusion that both quality and quantity are important. While working on my relationship with God once a week is important, I should care about God enough to give him more time than once a week. On the other hand, I shouldn’t be spending time with God, just to have peace of mind that I did. Instead, I need to make sure I’m giving God my undivided attention every time I read the Bible, go to church, and pray.

Nowadays, I go to church every Sunday. While my weekdays are still busy, I’ve acknowledged that I can make time to go to church Tuesday nights, well most Tuesday nights. I also make sure that I read my Bible at least twice a week and my nightly prayers are more thoughtful and detailed. Now, I have a stronger relationship with God than I have ever had. And that’s something that I attribute to quality and quantity.

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