The Rapture: Is it Really Going to Happen?

I’ll never forget the time I went to a service at a Pentecostal church and saw a group of people running around screaming “rapture practice!” When it happened, it got me thinking about the validity of the rapture that so many preachers talk about. Is it real? Does Scripture back it up? Obviously, the word itself is not contained in the Bible, but that doesn’t mean it’s not a real thing.

And then there was the one year I started listening to a bunch of teachers on YouTube and got what’s commonly known as “rapture-itis.” I couldn’t wait for Jesus to come down here and take me up! It really killed my motivation to work or do anything productive as I just wanted to sit, read, worship him, and wait for his second coming. I’d have dreams and daytime visions of being taken up while shopping for clothes or browsing the online inventory of my local car dealership (shoutout to Cherry Road Auto Sales!) God forbid it happen when I’m driving. Hopefully I’m not part of the crowd that gets left behind, right? I can just imagine all the cars crashing into each other and blowing up in the middle of a huge traffic jam…

Alas … it still has not happened.

Recently, though, I’ve come into some new teachings that present the rapture as what Scripture calls the resurrection. It’s where the dead are risen together in Christ and taken up to be with him, along with those who are still living on the earth. If you believe this idea (and I do), the question then changes from is the resurrection going to happen (obviously it is, because that’s what the Bible says) to, when is it going to happen? And what are we to do while we wait?

If you’ve developed a case of rapture-itis, then this post is for you. I know what it’s like to want to do nothing but bask in the presence of our Lord. I’ve been there. I’m still there. Especially after I spend time soaking him in through prayer, worship, and reflection. My desire for him grows even bigger with each passing day. Perhaps you stumbled on this post because you’ve been looking for the rapture and following various people who engage in “date-setting”, and are discouraged because it just hasn’t happened yet. I hope this encourages and inspires you.

See, the rapture is not something we should be dreadfully anticipating, like “ugh, my life is so horrible, I just want to go be with Jesus already!” I can tell you right now that does not make our Lord happy or bring him glory in any way. He blessed you with your life upon this earth and gives you all things. Be thankful! Don’t sit there and look at your watch all day and wonder when you’re gonna see him in the clouds. He will come when he’s ready. There’s obviously a reason why he hasn’t yet, and I’m inclined to believe that reason is his mercy. His Word says he desires that all will come to repentance. Well, that takes time, and he’s allowing that time to pass and giving us even more time to enjoy life upon this earth. He’s preparing a place for us, so that when we are ready and all of Scripture has been fulfilled, he can come for his bride.

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