• Infant Baptism by, William Cunningham
  • These statements may, at first view, appear to be large concessions to the anti-pado-baptists, or those who oppose the lawfulness of the baptism of infants, and to affect the solidity of the grounds on which the practice of pado-baptism, which has ever prevailed almost universally in the church of Christ, is based. But I am persuaded that a more careful consideration of the subject will show that these views, besides being clearly sanctioned by Scripture, and absolutely necessary for the consistent and intelligible interpretation of our own standards, are, in their legitimate application, fitted to deprive the arguments of the anti-pado-baptists of whatever plausibility they possess. It cannot be reasonably denied that they have much that is plausible to allege in opposition to infant baptism; but I am persuaded that the plausibility of their arguments will always appear greatest to men who have not been accustomed to distinguish between the primary and complete idea of this ordinance, as exhibited in the baptism of adults, and the distinct and peculiar place which is held by the special subject of infant baptism, and the precise grounds on which it rests. Pado-baptists, from the causes to which I have referred, are apt to rest contented with very obscure and defective notions of the import and objects of baptism, and to confound adult and infant baptism as if the same principles must fully and universally apply to both. And in this state of things, when those views of the sacraments in general, and of baptism in particular, which I have briefly explained, are pressed upon their attention, and seen and acknowledged to be well founded, they are not unlikely to imagine that these principles equally rule the case of infant baptism;


  • William the Baptist, by James M. Chaney
  • William the Baptist is a concise and Scriptural case for infant baptism.... Through the dialogue format, the case for infant baptism unfolds primarily through a series of talks between the author, as pastor, and William, a young lawyer with strong immersionist views. In using this method, the author adheres to his own word of caution: 'The only objection to such a method is it offers temptations to caricature the views we would assail. I have endeavored carefully to avoid such weakness.' But his position remains unqualified, and asserts: 'The difference between us and immersionist on the question of baptism is radical. Both cannot be right.' "


  • William the Baptist: Infant Baptism
  • This is the last chapter from William the Baptist consisting in a dialogue between the pastor and William about infant baptism.


  • The Mode of Baptism
  • Some may wonder why there is so much contention between Baptist and Presbyterians over how one is baptized. Baptist generally believe that immersion is the only valid mode of baptism, while Presbyterians generally believe that the mode itself is unimportant. But the implications of the Baptist view are far reaching.


  • The Polemics of Infant Baptism, by B. B. Warfield
  • In this article, B. B. Warfield takes a different approach to the topic as he interacts with the arguments against infant baptism as stated by A. H. Strong in his Systematic Theology. Warfield writes, "What that eminently well-informed and judicious writer does not urge against infant baptism may well be believed to be confessedly of small comparative weight as an argument against the doctrine and practice. So that if we do not find the arguments he urges conclusive, we may well be content with the position we already occupy."


  • A Defense of Reformed Paedobaptism
  • "It must be understood that the Reformed justification for paedobaptism stands squarely on the written word of God, and not on ecclesiastical tradition. Some antipaedobaptists may give the impression that the Reformed must rely on tradition as a support for their position; but given the Reformed dedication to the Protestant dictum of sola Scriptura, that the Bible alone is the absolute authority for faith and practice, it seems incredible to assert that we would base our defense of paedobaptism on such a shifting foundation as human or ecclesiastical tradition."


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