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Berkhof Systematic Theology, by Lewis Berkhof

Lewis Berkhof was born on Oct. 13, 1873 in the Netherlands. In 1881, Lewis and family Immigrated to America and settled in Grand Rapids Michigan. At the age of 19, Berkhof felt the call to the ministry which he faithfully fulfilled with a life long commitment to the Christian Reformed Church.

Berkhof's Systematic Theology is the first "theology" book I ever purchased (unaware at the time of its Calvinist and Reformed perspectives). It is my opinion that this is the best single volume Systematic Theology available. Berkhof's Summary of Christian Doctrine and Common Grace (from his Systematic Theology, pp. 432- 446) are available online.

Edward's On Freedom of the Will On the Freedom of the Will, by Jonathan Edwards.

I've lost count how many times while in a chat room on the IRC that I wanted to hit a "free-willer" (and not a few supposed Calvinist too!) on the head with this book. Jonathan Edwards presents a never refuted argument of the Calvinist position. Its logic is flawless and relentless. It is the best work of its kind, and is also available online here.

Chosen by GodChosen by God, by R. C. Sproul

In Chosen by God, Sproul argues the Calvinist position on election and free-will in a very clear, sound, and easy to read style. He gives an excellent summary of Edward's arguments on free-will and those who may be new to the Reformed view, or may have had a difficulty following Edward's arguments, will find this work extremely rewarding.

R. C. Spoul, in my opinion, is the finest theologian and bible teacher of our day and anything you get authored by him will be profitable. I have listen to R. C. Sproul for many years and he never ceases to amaze me of the breadth and depth of his knowledge on theological, philosophical, and moral issues. However, what has always amazed me even more is how he takes this knowledge and teaches it in such an understandable and edifying manner.

Institutes of ReligionInstitutes of Christian Religion, by John Calvin

As the fundamental treatise in the development of a truly evangelical theology the Institutes' mission has stretched far beyond its own day. All subsequent attempts to state and defend that theology necessarily go back to it as their staring-point, and its impress upon the history of evangelical thinking is ineffaceable. Even from the point of view of mere literature, it holds a position so supreme in its class that every one who would know the world's best books, must make himself familiar with it" -- B. B. Warfield

Calvin's Institutes can also be downloaded here.


The Christian In Complete Armour, by William Gurnall



The Christian In Complate Armour can also be downloaded: Part One. and Part Two.

sytematic theology by charles hodge

Systematic Theology, Charles Hodge

"Dr. Hodge was a man of warm affection, of generous impulses, and of John-like piety. Devotion to Christ was the salient characteristic of his experience, and it was the test by which he judged the experience of others. Hence, though a Presbyterian and a Calvinist, his sympathies went far beyond the boundaries of sect. He refused to entertain the narrow views of church polity which some of his brethren advocated. He repudiated the unhistorical position of those who denied the validity of Roman Catholic baptism. He gave his sympathy to all good agencies. He was conservative by nature, and his life was spent in defending the Reformed theology as set forth in the Westminster symbols. He was fond of saying that Princeton had never originated a new idea; but this meant no more than that Princeton was the advocate of historical Calvinism in opposition to the modified and provincial Calvinism of a later day. And it is true that Dr. Hodge must be classed among the great defenders of the faith, rather than among the great constructive minds of the Church. He had no ambition to be epoch-making by marking the era of a new departure. But he has earned a higher title to fame, in that he was the champion of his Church's faith during a long and active life, her trusted leader in time of trial, and for more than half a century the most conspicuous teacher of her ministry. The garnered wisdom of his life is given us in his Systematic Theology, the greatest system of dogmatics in our language." Francis L. Patton (from Schaff-Herzog Encyc. of Religious Knowledge)

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